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Crystal Bee​


Explore inspiration for your wellbeing and 

mindfulness toolkit, surrounded with love and positive intention

I am so glad you are here!

Crystal Bee takes an holistic and alternative view of ‘wellbeeing’. We blend the properties of natural sources of amazing and beautiful energies. We are here to listen, tune in, use our intuition and offer guidance, suggestions and positive intention.

So what are crystals?

Crystals are beautiful rock formations, which are naturally formed in the earth. Molecules come together (crystallisation) in a unique, repeating pattern -  forming a cluster. The internal structure of the crystal differs 

depending on the type of crystal. 

From a healing perspective, crystals are amazing little bundles of energy. They have the ability to hold, absorb and emit energetic vibrations. 

In crystal healing, crystals are selected and worked with, for the affect they can have on our electro-magnetic energy field. Crystals can exchange energies which don't serve us, for energies which sustain our highest good and levels of wellbeing. 

Crystals really are a gift from nature. Working with these beautiful stones 

and their unique energies can offer us an accessible 

form of self-healing and self-care. 

What Crystal Bee can offer to you...

Choosing crystals can be an overwhelming experience! When faced with so much beauty, so many energetic properties, and advice from many sources, it can be difficult to know where to start. Crystal Bee offers a personalised, intuitive service. We aim to offer you connection, exploration and guidance on how to bring crystals into your life, in the most simple and beneficial way for you. We do this in a number of ways...

Crystal Recipe Service

Our Crystal Recipe Service offers you a consultation with Helen, where you can explore the exciting healing potential of crystals and simple methods for practically including crystals in your day-to-day life. Helen will recommend certain crystals based on the information you give, using her intuition and can make up a personalised Crystal Recipe Pack to send out to you. A consultation costs only £10, and if you go on to purchase a Crystal Recipe Pack (from £15), you will receive a 50% discount on your consultation fee.  To get started with your crystal journey, connect with Helen here

Custom-made Crystal Bracelets and Malas

We have been making unique and intentional crystal bracelets from our very beginning. We carefully select crystal beads for their energetic properties, and intentionally create beautiful, wearable jewellery. Our bracelets have been our most popular product, and are made to order with the recipient's needs in mind. To see some of our range, please take a look here To explore our Mindful Malas, please click here

To order your unique bracelet or Mala set, please connect with Helen here

Crystal Mindfulness Workshops and circles

We host community-based crystal mindfulness workshops, which include meditation circles, healing circles and Mala-making workshops. 

Connection through group meditation and circles can create a powerful vibrational energy, and also offers opportunity to relax and build on your mindfulness practice in a safe and nurturing space. To find out more about our energy-infused connection opportunities, please visit the Hive Events page.

Energy Healing 1:! sessions

If you would like an opportunity to experience Crystal Healing, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Indian Head Massage or Chakra Affirmation Coaching, you are welcome to visit Helen at her tranquil 'Healing Hut', nestled in an East-Northamptonshire village. Perhaps you would like the opportunity to create your own Mala, from the intention setting exercise, through to the first Mala-meditation experience. 

Whatever is calling to you, you will be welcomed with a warm cup of 'Positivitea', a gentle heart and the best of intentions to support you on your healing and mindfulness journey. To find out more, please visit the 'Healing' page.