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About Crystal Bee


I am Helen; creator of Crystal Bee. 

I’m a lightworker, crystal and energy healer, 

crystal creative, mindfulness facilitator and holistic therapist. 

I am crazy about crystals; their beauty and energy is magical to me.

11 years ago, I was introduced to the concept and practice of Mindfulness, 

and my journey began. Tentatively, I dipped my toe in, hoping to face my anxieties and fears and 

change my patterns of thinking and behaviour. 

I have been an holistic therapist for almost 10 years, and Crystal Bee is evolving in a surprising way. 

I’m so excited to have you buzzing along with me.

Namaste xx

The Crystal Part...

Our Mindful Malas and Affirmation Bracelets 

are created in partnership with you, and are beautiful, practical crystal gemstone pieces, infused with intention, love and celestial healing (as if crystals aren’t AMAZING enough!). 

The 'Bee' Part...

Bees are part of our life force, and without them we would not survive (fact!). One of the gifts from the bees is flowers, and I work with flower essence therapy via online or in-person consultations, gently considering challenges you are facing and 

how flower essences can help.

 I am also very proud to be a  ‘Pollinator’ of Saskia’s Flower Essences. Saskia creates these beautiful, vibrational essences herself and I work to support her in reaching as many people through her essences as possible. 

Any essences you find here on this website are 

Saskia’s, and you can find out more by visiting If you place an order, please use our unique code ‘HARMONY’ at the checkout for your 10% discount!

Crystal Bee is the evolving sum of years of working as an holistic therapist. Helen has a passion for natural wellbeing, and empowering people to make positive choices and take positive actions for their highest good.