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Flower Essences​

Flower essences contain the unique vibrational energy of the plant they came from. 

This energy is held as a memory in water. When taking this vibration into yourself it reminds your own personal energy how to be, helping unlearn old patterns, bringing awareness to problems (and solutions) and rebalancing your whole being.

As a therapist, I work with you to determine the essence that can support you best. 

I look to both Bach Flower Remedies and Saskia's Flower Essences for their unique properties and energies. 

The essences are most often taken under the tongue, 

and there are many other ways to bring them into your daily life and rituals.

Flower essences work deeply and gently bringing positive and effective change to our lives. They act as catalysts, bringing awareness and shifting patterns enabling you to heal in a safe, natural and simple way.

Essences are safe for use by everyone, including during pregnancy, childhood and even to help animals. 

If you feel drawn to try flower essences, for emotional support or as part of a change to your

 behavioural and thought patterns, please contact me to book an appointment. 

Sa​skia's Flower Essences

We are very proud to be a ‘Pollinator’ of Saskia’s Flower Essences. Saskia has been making flower essences for over 15 years in Sussex, UK. They are infused with the energies of British flowers (wild and garden) and trees, to create 

energetically powerful flower essences, bottled with love, intention and care. 

By using Crystal Bee's unique code 'HARMONY', you can receive 10% off of your order.

The full range is available at Saskia's website

Our current spotlight is on Essence Sprays.

Sprays are a great way of getting flower essences into your surroundings, 

for clearing and shifting energies and making your environment a better place to be.

Saskia's sprays are made by adding flower essences to hydrosols. Using this method the energetics as well as the aromatic components of the plants are preserved giving you a pure and delightful 

experience to use around your space or straight onto your skin.