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Mindful Mala Sets

Crystal Bee creates handmade, custom Mala sets to order. We use a traditional method to string and knot the beads, and source Rudrashka beads ethically. You can choose everything about your Mala - your crystals/beads, the colours and intention, and even the bead layout. Alternatively you can let us create something intuitively for you. 

Our large Malas are 108 beads, with a Guru Bead, and spacer beads. 

We also create half Malas of 54 beads, and mini Malas at 27 beads. 

What are Malas?

'Mala' is a Sanskrit word which comes from the word 'Japamala'. Japa translates to 'Mantra', and Mala to 'garland'. They are typically worn as a bracelet or necklace, and used to enhance meditation practice.

Malas also serve as a reminder of the intention and energy that a person would like to focus on or manifest. 

Ways to use Malas

Malas can be incorporated easily into your daily mindfulness practice. 

They can even be a gentle and simple way to start your journey with Mindfulness and Meditiation. 

Malas are used by repeating affirmations, intentions, or Mantras. Holding the beads in one hand, they are moved gently through the thumb and middle finger.  Each time a bead passes through, the affirmation or mantra is repeated - either outloud or in your head. 

Alternatively, you can use the same method of moving the beads, and focus on your breath - inhaling and exhaling before moving on the the next bead. 

Our Malas incorporate crystal and gemstone beads, each holding their own energetic and healing properties. Mindfulness practice with crystals can offer a beautiful focus, a new dimension and enhance your intentions and potential. 

You can request certain crystals, or we can guide you based on the healing benefits of each crystal, and your intentions for using the Mala. ​

Ordering your Mala

Creating your Mala, is a partnership, rooted in intention. When you contact us to order your custom-made mala, we will explore with you the intention you would like to set when using your mala. This will help us to create together something with which you can easily connect, and that can support you to in your mindfulness journey. 

If you'd like to place an order, please connect here or visit our Facebook Page